Key (crack) Alawar 2016

  • Our key (crack) allows you to activate any game of the Alawar company of any year of release.
  • All that you need for activation is just to show the launching file of the game on your computer to our key and it will remove your time protection forever.
  • You do not need to find and download key guns any more.

How to use the universal key to Alawar games

  1. The game which you want to activate should be installed on your computer.
  2. If the game is now launched, you should close/turn it off.
  3. Now you should download our key and unpack archive as usual on Windows. Then launch the activator. It will pull from the server the archive where the relevant working key and the instruction on activation will be. We tender our apologies about using the archive. But we cannot give you two files at the same time for downloading in other way. And instruction may be useful for you later, when you will forget how to use the key.
  4. In the appeared window click “Go” and search the folder with the game on your computer. By default game is set on C:/Program Files/Alawar.en
  5. When found the folder with the required game, it is necessary to indicate the launching file. It looks as the logo/icon of your game and has the exe. extension.
  6. Click twice the left mouse button or just select the logotype/icon and click “Open”.
  7. The notice about the time limitation still remained (it must be so). Now launch the game and click “Play now”.
  8. There opened the window in the folder with your game. We just click “Save” and the original label of start changes automatically on the new one.
  9. That’s it. The game is active and now you can launch it. There is no time limitation any more. Enjoy it.

Videotutorial how to use our key for Alawar games for to activate them

Watching this video you will visually understand how to activate the game.

The pictures of game activation steps

Suppose that you have a game “Puzzle Express” by the Alawar company and it is necessary to get the free access to the full version, without the time limitation.

Initially the window of the game will have such a look:

activation games key Алавар

Close game for it not to be active while using the key.

Launch our key activator from the archive which you have already downloaded. Launch it and click “Go”.


Find on the hard disk the folder with the set game and click twice on the file that lunch game (or select it and click “Open”). By default game is set on a disk C in the Program Files folder and there in the Alawar.en folder.

Attention!!! There should NOT be the .wrp termination in the name of the shortcut. Pay attention that you have two shortcuts and for activation you should select that one WITHOUT .wrp


Game is not activated yet. You should launch it and click “Play now”


The window will open. There you should click “Save” for our Alawar key to change the file of the game.


The window with information that everything is done should appear. You should just to click “OK” and close the key of “Exit”. Now you can launch the game. There is no time limitation any more.


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